मैं मुसाफ़िर उन गलियों का
जो मुझे मुझसे मिलाएँ

यह दौलत शौरत रौब रुतबा तो
बहरूपिये हैं सारे
खामखां ही राह भटकाए

Mai musafir un galiyo ka
Jo mujhko mujhse milaey
Ye daulat shaurat raub rutba toh Behrupiye hain saare
Khwamakha hi rah batkaein



Disloyalty,betrayal, infidelity - All of it comes only from those who were once close to our heart. Those we love the most are more often than not the ones who hurts us. So, does that mean that we should not trust anyone or not fall in love? Of course not. In fact a deep thought into this phenomenon would make us realize that only someone in deep pain can be a cause of pain. They are the ones who are insecure, weak or baffled by their own emotions. Probably they feel that they cannot match the love and affection that we are giving them. Or they seek more from us because they themselves are disturbed and falsely believe that happiness in outwardly. Similarly if we plug off the reaction, we shall realize that no body can make us sad or happy !

वो ज़ख़्म बेवफ़ाई के
कुछ लफ़्ज़ों में कुछ लहजो में आय

पर हैरतन सारे अपनों से आए

दिल का दर्द देने की टौमत लगाऊँ किस पर
शायद ये मेरे ही नज़रिए से आए

Vo zakhm bewafaai ke
Kuch lafzo mein kuch lehjo mein aey

Par hairatan saare apno se aey

Dil Ka dard dene ki taumat lagaau kispar
Shaayad Ye mere hi nazariye se aey.


दिलों की महफ़िल /Dilo ki mehfil

This modern era that we live in has transformed not just our lifestyles but also our hearts and mind. The core essence of our relationships has remoulded significantly. Gone are those days when relationships or choice of a partner was based on Goodwill, character and compatibilty.

These days, the focus is only on money, status, assets and physical beauty.

This poems highlights the crude reality of this era and the emotionless state that we have reached.



दिलों की महफ़िल में आज कल दिल तो आते ही नहीं 
ख़ूबसूरत चेहरों के हुजूम तो नज़र आते हैं
लेकिन वो जज़्ब तो साथ लाते ही नहीं
सौदे जिस्म और पैसों के होते हैं यहाँ
प्यार के आशियाने तो अब लोग सजाते ही नहीं
दिलों की महफ़िल में आज कल दिल तो आते ही नहीं
Dilon ki mehfil mein aaj kal dil to aate hi nahi
Khubsoorat chehro ke hujoom to nazar aate hain
Lekin vo jazb to saath laate hi nahi
Saude jism aur paison ke hote hain yahaan
Pyaar ke ashiyane to ab log sajaate hi nahi
Dilon ki mehfil mein aaj kal dil to aate hi nahi


Nomination for liebstar award

Wow! I woke up today and was pleasantly surprised with my first Liebster award nomination by wonderful @being alive


Humble thanks for this nomination
Your blog beautifully inspires and encourages to experience beyond the mundane tasks of life .Keep posting such stuff and enriching our lives!
With this nomination, I am glad that I learned something new. The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers who they think need encouragement and recognition.
It was started by The Global Aussie in 2011.
Have a look at this.
• Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
• Include award graphic.
• Answer the questions provided.
• Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
• Nominate 10 bloggers and share your post with them so they see it.

Q1. What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?

I browse my phone right before sleeping. Lately I surf through WordPress, reading posts by diverse group of bloggers.

Q2. Which part of the day are you at your utmost activity?

Being in the western world, everything is DIY here, so most of the day is active till i finally hit the sack at night.

Q3. Which is the one personality trait that you are advised to keep a check on?

I am often told that I am a very quiet person and should be more social.

Q4. What is the funniest lie you ever spoke?

Recently I was playing a card game called “bluff” with my niece, nephew and husband. Being a horrible liar, I would always be caught when I tried to bluff and we all would burst off lying as it was evident on my face that I was lying 🙂

Q5. What is your most recurring dream?

I frequently dream of my deceased family members.

Q6. According to you which  is the fastest growing social problem in present times?

It may not be regarded as a social problem to many, but I believe there is a growing insecurity amongst people which is why there is so much emphasis on looking beautiful, owning expensive brands and assets. There is growing emphasis on status and showing off instead of bonding, compassion, love and affection in personal and professional relationships

Q7. What is your favourite hobby?

I have a plethora of hobbies but writing poetry tops the list

Q8. What is your dream holiday destination?

I do not have any dream holiday destination. I look forward to exploring any new destination with vigor and excitement.

Q9. According to you which is the most common cliche used nowadays?

I believe that “sorry” is becoming a cliche. People are using it without even meaning it just to sound polite. Unfortunately, they continue doing the same things and just present a sorry in the finale.

Q10. Which is the most attractive entity in nature according to you?

Nature’s esthetic beauty always mesmerizes me and the hues of the sky attract me the most.

My questions for nominees
1. Describe yourself in 3 words.
2. What inspires you to keep writing on your blog?
3. How do you deal,when you are sorrounded by people with negative thoughts ?
4. Define Happiness.
5. When life gets chaotic, how do you find stability and energy to keep going ?
6. Why do you think people face hard time in life?
7. What’s is your favorite gadget?
8. What is your food preference- healthy or junk?
9. Are you an early riser or night person- which is the best time for your creativity?
10. What feature/s of a person attracts you ?

My nominations


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8. https://bushraslifestyleblog.wordpress.com

9. http://minlit.home.blog

10. https://arnavtechbanerjee.wordpress.com

Thank you all for your kind support and valuable time.
Love and Regards.

हमसफ़र/ Humsafar

Life is an irony. We tend to get wooed by the outwardly attractions.
Everything and everyone on the social media seem perfect and become our life goals.
Little do we realize that these are all   make-ups to hide the imperfection with intend to woo without much depth in feelings. 
Simplicity is the real beauty and its just around us which we take for granted and ignore. The moment we humble down, we realize how silly we have been :) 

महफ़िल-ए-ज़िन्दगी में क़ाफ़िले बहुत मिले
कुछ सच्चे कुछ यूँ ही फ़िज़ूल मिले

ढूँढते ढूँढते जब थक गयी नज़र मेरी
तो झुकी आँखों को अपने आँगन में ही हमसफ़र मिले

Mehfil-e-zindagi mein kafile bohot mile
Kuch sache, kuch ache, kuch yuh hi fizool mile

Dhoondte dhoondte jab thak gayi nazar meri
To jhukhi aankhon ko apne aangan mein hi humsafar mile.


न तुम होश में हो, न हम होश में हैं /na tum hosh mein ho, na hum hosh mein hain

IMG_1536These lines are a simple creation for prompt line-
न तुम होश में हो
न हम होश में हैं

Sit back and enjoy!

न तुम होश में हो
न हम होश में हैं
चलो महक़दे में
वहीं बात होगी

कुछ तुम कहना
कुछ हम सुनेंगे
यूँ ही दिलों की मुलाक़ात होगी

तन्हाई के अगर अश्क़ बहें
तो साथी जाम होगी

क़दम जो बहके मेरे तो
तुम संभाल लेना
अगर हम डोनो गिरे तो
साक़ी की बाँह होगी !

Na tum hosh mein ho
Na hum hosh mein hain
Chalo maikade mein
Wahi baat hogi

Kuch tum kehna
Kuch hum sunenge
Yun hi Dilo ki mulaqat hogi

Tanhai ke agar ashq bahein
To saathi jaam hogi

Kadam jo behke mere to
tum sambhal lena

Agar hum dono gire to
saaki ki baanh hogi!


खामखां अपने दर्द की नुमाइश न कर/Khwamakha apne dard ki numaish na kar

Hard times and the resultant pain are inevitable. However what we do with this pain is our choice.

Untimely death of a near and dear one, divorce, cheated or ill treated by someone or mishap of any kind is very painful and has a traumatic impact on our lives. We are often told in such times to share it off to lighten the pain and get it off our system.

Its unfortunate this simple act of talking it out and letting it go is exploited both by the sufferer and the listener.

As the sufferer we speak not just to one, but to each and all that we come across, tell our sad story, get boosted by the sympathetic words and live in self pity as sufferers. I have come across people who have been discussing the gloomy events of the of the past and holding grudge against the people even 20-30 years after the experience! Little do they realize that people may have changed, circumstances have changed and even they as an individual have changed but still not moved on!

As a listener, there are just a handful who really feel the pain of the victim and have empathy towards them. The majority see it as a source of entertainment and gossip. Instead of helping the person emancipate off the the pain, they become a major source or mental torture through their rumors and negative attitude.

A series of such experiences occur to teach us human beings that peace comes from within and the supreme that resides within us is the healer of everything.

Have faith in yourself and give yourself time to be healed. Set yourself free from the bondage of self pity!

खामखां अपने दर्द की नुमाइश न कर
जो बीत गया उसे तू दिल से अब रुकसत कर

ज़ख़्मों को कुरेदना आदत है ज़माने की
ग़म की घड़ी ही है अपनों को आज़माने की

कोई और नहीं बस खुदा ही साथ रहता है
ख़ुद से मिल जा खुदा वहीं बसता है

Khwamakha apne dard ki numaish na kar
Jo beet gaya use tu dil se ab ruksat kar

Zakhmo ko khuredna, aadat hai zamaane ki
Gham ki ghadi hi hai apno ko aazmane ki

Koi aur nahi, bas khuda hi saath rehta hai
Khud se mil ja, khuda vahi basta hai!